Ekone Smoked Albacore Tuna with Lemon


Located on the shores of Willapa Bay in Washington State, Ekone Oyster Company is proud to be able to bring you the finest quality Albacore Tuna. This tuna is caught by local fishing families using pole and line method. We carefully hand pack and lightly salt each 3.5oz can with quality tuna meat with a touch of salt, no added water or oil, letting the canning process highlight the superior natural flavors of the fish.

The end result is this is this delicious smoked tuna with a hint of lemon throughout. When you open a can, you immediately see a difference from many store bought varieties. You will see a slice of lemon sitting on top of a chunk of smoked tuna. 

Each 3.5 ounce can is made with fresh ingredients and no preservatives. They are also shelf stable for up to four years!

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