Grimm's Soft Baby Doll


Grimm's dolls are made in Europe in the traditional handcraft method. The very loving faces are also painted by hand, giving each doll a unique expression.

Filled with 100% clean and carded wool, and clothed in a soft cotton velour suit and hood, these dolls are as soft as can be. Just a bit of hair peeks out from under the baby's hat. The skin and clothing are 100% Oeko-Tex certified cotton, guaranteed to be free of any harmful substances including chemicals, pesticides, heavy metals and all other toxins.

You'll notice that Waldorf dolls have minimal facial features and just a hint of an expression. This is allows a child to use his/her imagination and inner picturing capacities. A Waldorf doll can easily be imagined to be happy or sad, laughing or crying, unlike more conventional dolls with rigid plastic faces and fixed expressions.
Size: length approx. 28cm.

Dolls can be hand washed. Please be careful when washing the face, the colors of the face are water-resistant, but they can fade.

Recommended for babies and kids 0+

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