SOLD OUT - 12/6/18 Herbs + Rituals for Mental Wellness


Learn how to take control of your winter blues with the help of plant allies and easy meditative techniques that can be used everyday to create an effective ritual that brings you home to yourself.

Join Elise of Terra Luna Herbals and Kathleen of Daughter of Wands in this special workshop where you’ll learn specific herbs that help with seasonal depression, along with using the tarot as a tool for mental health.

Elise and Kathleen will share with you the easy, everyday ritual that helps keep those winter blues away with the mindful practice of creating sacred space, stress relieving techniques through intention and the breath, connecting with herbal allies, and pulling a tarot card as potent medicine to get through the day. Empower yourself to be your own healer, and walk away with a your own handcrafted tea blend and new techniques for stress and depression.

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Space must be reserved in advance.

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