Maileg Hiker Mouse


Maileg's sweet Hiker Mice are back and better than ever!

 Big Sister Hiker is wearing a sweet floral bandana to keep sweat and hair out of her eyes during all of her outdoor adventures. Hiker sister has an under shirt that will keep her arms safe, but won't keep her too warm because of the light fabric. Her denim dress is so adorable and perfect for hiking trails! This year, our hikers have magnets in their hands for more story telling fun...they can hold their new accessories! 

Big Brother Hiker has a soft, breathable shirt so he doesn't get too warm while hiking, and durable orange pants so his legs stay safe while walking through the wilderness. His wide-brimmed hat will save his adorable face from sunburn, and his elastic straps make it easy for him to carry his sleeping bag on his back. This year, hiker has magnets in his hands for more story telling fun...he can hold his new accessories! 

Fabric bedding and outfits on mice may differ slightly from images.

These hiking mice are ready for a camping trip! Spot Clean is made from Cotton, Linen, Polyester, and stands at a height of 4.72"



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