La Abeja Herbs El Corazón


Our friend and proprietor of La Abeja Herbs, Sophia Rose explains her elixirs, tinctures and essences best, 

"Hearts break far more easily than bones and far more often too. These wise and tender centers of our Being also require greater subtlety and gentleness in their mending. With this in mind, El Corazón brings together a quartet of perfectly balanced plant medicines which each speak to a different facet of healing necessary for life and vitality to return once more to this most essential part of the Self.

Formulated with Rose Petals to fill you with the utter sweetness of Life and of Love; Hawthorn Berries and Thorns to guide and fortify your Heart as it claims its unique and precious gifts; Mimosa Blossom and Bark to invoke the exhilarating, pure, and sensual joy of simply Being; and finally, the Root of Devil's Club to nourish and strengthen the boundaries which create a safe container in with to continue to heal, grow, and ultimately thrive. El Corazón is a variation on a tried and true formula with a long history of use in Western Herbalism. It was shared with me by my teacher, Paul Bergner and has been a beloved ally ever since.  It is an honor to offer it to you now in its current form."


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