Markham & Fitz Origin Stories Chocolate Bar

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Smoked Brulee
Smoked 66% Nicaraguan Dark Chocolate + Bruleed Sugar Shards & Salt
The perfect balance of sweet with a touch of smoke (cold-smoked nibs, yum!), paired beautifully with some bruleed sugar. A nod to some of our favorite desserts, namely creme brulee and bananas foster.
Origin: La Colonia, Nicaragua
Tastes Like: smoked bananas foster
Inspired by banana's foster & trips to New Orleans

Nutty Nostalgia
60% Dark Chocolate with Peanut Brittle & salt. Deliciously rich dark chocolate and housemade and hand-stretched peanut brittle. Delightful enough for just about anyone with a sweet tooth, and the perfect combo of salty-sweet.
Origin: Tumaco, Colombia
Tastes like: holiday parties, old friends & peanut brittle.

Lemon White Chocolate with Poppyseed
Harkening the fresh citrus bread often glazed with something sweet, please enjoy our debut of organic white chocolate infused with bright lemon & poppyseeds.
Origin: CacaoLife, Peru
Tastes like: Lemon Poppyseed bread
Inspired by our founder's childhood

No.1 Fan
60% Oat & Coconut Milk Chocolate
This bar, although far from simple, speaks of comfort like home and is dutifully named after our No. 1 Fan.
Origin: Tumaco, Colombia
Inspired by our founder's No.1 Fan

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