Masha Tea Box


Founded in Brooklyn, Masha Tea brings the healing and regenerative powers of natural teas to discerning drinkers. Designed with flavor, sustainability, and beauty in mind, Masha Teas are assembled by hand in small batches and made with love.

Environmental impact, beauty, and feeling inform our sourcing choices.

box of 12 pyramid tea sachets in sealed envelopes


ingredients: organic peppermint tea grown in vermont, usa

tastes: refreshing, sweet, cooling

caffeine? no

Earl Grey:

ingredients: organic + fair trade earl grey tea from the darjeeling and assam regions of north india

tastes: warm, uplifting, hint of bergamot

caffeine? yes


ingredients: organic + fair trade black tea from the north india

tastes: classic darjeeling, delicately floral

caffeine? yes

Lemon Balm:

ingredients: organic lemon balm tea grown in vermont, usa

tastes: lightly tart, grassy, herbal

caffeine? no

green tea:

ingredients: organic japanese kukicha green tea

tastes: bright, savory, fresh

caffeine? yes

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