Republic of Vermont Raw Honey


Delicious Raw Honey handcrafted in small batches in Vermont! We love how sweet and natural this honey is! 

Winner of a 2021 Good Food Award, the unique flavor of Republic of Vermont's, Vermont wildflower honey is the product of the location of their bee yards and the particular variety of plants and flowers our bees visit. Their honey is never heated to preserve its true flavor and natural enzymes and they do not treat their bees with any chemicals or miticides. Republic of Vermont takes tremendous pride in their apiary and our Vermont Raw Honey is the crown jewel of their bee's efforts. 

They  produced, packaged and shipped this honey directly to us from their sugarhouse nestled in Vermont's Green Mountains.

A note on raw honey:

Their honey has never been heated which means it crystallizes over time. This thickening of the honey is completely natural and does not mean the honey has gone bad. You can enjoy it crystalized or place it in warm water to gently return it to liquid form.  

Over the past few years Republic of Vermont has been growing apiary from the handful of colonies they started with to produce the highest quality Vermont raw honey available. Their honey bee colonies are located in the Champlain Valley of Vermont, a unique and rich environment for honey production. Since their entire apiary is treatment free they don't use any antibiotics, miticides or chemicals on their colonies. They  feel that this creates a more sustainable apiary and a better final product...honey! Since they don't treat our bees, we rely on natural selection to help improve the gene pool of our bees. Strong healthy colonies that can survive Vermont's cold winters form the backbone of their honey production colonies and queen rearing program. Try our Vermont raw honey for yourself!

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