Rooted Loose Leaf Tea


Rooted's 100% herbal tea blends are in small batches, hand-blended, and have no additives or sweeteners. Uniquely created for us by an herbalist local to our Cincinnati base – the herbal tea line includes five blends: defend, peace, sleep, breathe, and detox. Each blend thoughtfully crafted for functional benefit and are multi-use; steep loose tea to sip or add to a bath to soak. ~New~ All tea blends are available 2 ways – loose or sachets (new). Tea cans are made from recyclable materials and contain 10 sachets (paper, unbleached) per can. Tea jars are glass with PET lids and contain loose tea blends.

Defend immunity tea blend – Loose Tea echinacea, elderberry, feverfew, coltsfoot, thyme, burdock root, juniper berries, meadowsweet, pau d'arco bark, goldenseal. 

Breathe respiratory tea blend – Loose Tea peppermint, mullein, slippery elm bark, lobelia, marjoram, yellow dock 

Peace calming tea blend – Loose Tea lemon balm, sweet basil, oatstraw, hawthorn berry, agrimony, St. John's wort, passionflower, marjoram, fo ti root, rosehips

Sleep relaxing tea blend – Loose Tea passionflower, chamomile, oatstraw, catnip, lavender, valerian root, skullcap, hops


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