Saint Olio Body Refresher


A unisex, natural blend of fragrant essential oils inspired by natural landscapes and created for the skin. This product can also double as a natural deodorant.

NO 1

Crisp Citrus, Lemongrass + Ylang Ylang

Saint Olio uses the very finest essential oils blended into an all-natural, all-body fragrance that is scrumptious on both sexes. Lemongrass is potently deodorizing, while Grapefruit invigorates the senses and lifts the mood (fabulous as an all-natural deodorant). New formulation includes Yuzu !

Primary Ingredients
Grapefruit: disinfectant, antidepressant
Sweet orange: fungicidal, bactericidal
Neroli: deodorizing, soothing

NO 2

Orange Blossom + hints of Opulent Rose 

Our 100% natural Rose-infused blend warms to undercurrents of Orange and Geranium. Not quite a perfume, but more of a lovely, therapeutic mist. 

Primary Ingredients
Rose absolute: emotional balancer, skin tonic
Sweet orange: uplifting, nerve tonic
Neroli: stress reducer, aphrodisiac
Geranium: hormone balancing, skin regenerator


Fresh Wood, Frankincense + Bergamot

Our 100% natural forest-inspired blend warms to undercurrents of Bergamot and Frankincense. Not quite a cologne or traditional deodorant, but more of a invigorating, therapeutic mist. 

Primary Ingredients
Spruce: deodorant, antiseptic
Juniper: tonic, aphrodisiac
Frankincense: emotional balancer, anti-inflammatory
Bergamot: deodorant, tonic

2oz / 60ml

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