Siesta Tuna Belly in Yuzu Kosho


Joining forces, Siesta and YUZUCO have crafted a truly unique product, merging the seafood traditions of Spain and Japan. Sought after in Spanish cuisine and hailed as the finest part of the fish, ventresca is the prized portion of tuna belly, renowned for its decadent taste and tender consistency. Experience it elevated with a touch of yuzu koshō, a Japanese seasoning that perfectly complements the rich and buttery flavor of the tuna belly. This one-of-a-kind delight is both revitalizing and delectable, thanks to the addition of yuzu koshō, which adds a hint of tartness and subtle spice to the tuna belly. Savor it straight out of the can or atop a bed of rice for an effortless sushi-like indulgence. Always have a can of Siesta's Tuna Belly in Yuzu Koshō on hand for whenever the cravings strike.

Ingredients: Light tuna belly fillets, organic extra virgin olive oil, yuzu peel, green pepper, sea salt.

Net Weight: 4 oz.

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