Steph Trowbridge Face Mug


Handcrafted speckled stoneware face mugs by local artist Steph Trowbridge. These beautiful mugs are exclusive M+A X Steph Trowbridge mugs! Each mug is handmade and unique. We love to pair the mugs together for the perfect gift! 

Speckled stoneware with clear glaze inside. Food safe.

Sold separately 

Large Mug Roughly 3” W x 3 1/2” H

We are so excited to welcome back Steph Trowbridge to Moon+Arrow for our December Visiting Artist Residency. Every month we invite local artists to showcase their products at Moon+Arrow.

Steph Trowbridge is a woodworker and ceramist based out of Philadelphia. Steph creates household items that combine style and utility, taking functional tools and forming them into pieces that can also be decorative objects.

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