The School of Life journeys Journal


Unleash your inner thoughts to uncover hidden desires and future goals. Putting pen to paper unlocks patterns to recognize, grow from, and strategize. Question your decisions, create new narratives, and evaluate ideas. Writing is a vital exercise in discovering and evolving our beliefs. You are the most important person in this journey.

Both physical and emotional journeys need careful monitoring, or we are likely to become lost, directionless and forgetful. We need to record the most significant moments that befall us: the surprise we feel in a new place (it might be the mountains behind Tokyo or the shores of the Bosphorus) or in front of a new idea or emotion (perhaps we’re just reading Lao-Tzu or properly falling in love for the first time, with our child or a partner).

A journal is a small, elegant tool that makes up for our endemic forgetfulness. It sums up mental and physical travel; it gives longer life to fleeting inspirations and sensations; it decodes experiences; it preserves the treasures we have stumbled upon along the way. It will stand as a record of who we are.

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