Golden Heart Balm


For hearts everywhere in need of healing. Hearts get broken.From the end of a relationship to the death of a loved one, grief and letting go are apart of life, but that doesn’t make it any easier. It can be an incredibly painful process, a devastating loss of sorts and the grief can take time to move through.  This balm was created to help ease that process, as often as needed, to stay connected and open to your heart’s own compassionate wisdom with one little loving self-care ritual to help you on your healing path.  

A grief soothing remedy infused with flower and plant essences that are known for their powerful ability to ease, comfort and heal a broken heart.

Directions: Gently massage a small amount of this balm over your heart center as often as needed. Visualize soft golden light emanating from your hand, to your heart and then out into the world. This simple practice can help weave the threads of healing and connection back into our lives. We are not alone in our challenges but rather connected deeply through them. Try and create space for quiet reflection and to really feel all your feelings, these loving acts of self-care will help guide you to a place of strength and understanding.

Ingredients: jojoba oil, coconut oil, calendula, gold dust, beeswax, vitamin E, essential oil blend, rose quartz gem essence, hawthorne flower essence.

1 oz glass jar.

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