Vegan & Gluten Free Vanilla Flower Pressed™ Shortbread Cookies



Indulge in the decadent experience of our Vegan & Gluten Free Vanilla Flower Pressed Shortbread Cookies. Each delectable treat is meticulously handcrafted with carefully chosen edible flowers and herbs, pressed into a rich and flavorful vanilla shortbread. Sourced from Loria's own organic garden and local California farmers markets, these cookies exemplify our dedication to superior quality. With a 1/3" height and 2.5" diameter, they are the perfect size for a luxurious and refined delight. Packaged in our custom-made, durable box, these cookies are not only delicious but also a stunning addition to any home. Seal in their freshness for up to 3 weeks by storing in an airtight glass container. Please note that while these cookies are entirely vegan and gluten-free, they are produced in a kitchen that also handles wheat and egg products, ensuring the utmost attention to detail and flavor. Savor the distinctive taste of our signature Flower Pressed Shortbread Cookies, masterfully


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