Vegan Leather Pacifier Clip

Genuine leather paci clip, braided and stitched by hand. This natural leather has not been stained or dyed and no finishes have been added. This clip is great for gender neutral baby showers, and because it's so neutral, can easily transfer from baby to baby boy or girl. This leather is veg tanned, meaning nasty, toxic chemicals were not used in the leather making process, so if your littles prefers the taste and feel of the leather, know they are not sucking on lead, etc. The natural color of the leather as well as thickness may vary, as viewed in photos. The strap attaches to the paci via a braided, cotton cord, very Boho. Each end is hand-stitched with heavy thread. The cotton cord, if pinched, will fit thru the hole af an Avent type soothie pacifier. Attaches to baby's clothes/bib via a lead-free, metal paci clip.

Handmade by Bird and Ele
Veg tanned leather sourced in the USA.

This clip has a very sophisticated, hi-quality look and feel.

7.5 x .75" leather strap
13.5" total length (includes 4.5" cotton cord length)

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