Vitruvi Essential Oil


Vitruvi's essential oils are all non-toxic, all-natural, 100% pure essential oils making your home feel fresh and welcoming. Vitruvi's expertise is in natural scenting. They use their knowledge of botanicals and traditional blending methods to create sophisticated essential oil products for scenting your day-to-day. 

BERGAMOT - Smells like walking in a citrus grove.
Vitruvi's Italian Bergamot Essential Oil is equal parts luxurious and comforting. This cozy, spicy citrus oil is known for having the aroma of Earl Grey tea and is often found in fragrances for both men and women. Plus, it's great for helping you unwind at the end of a long day.

CEDARWOOD - Smells like cozy nights around the fire.
Evoking memories of relaxing cedar saunas and late nights by the campfire, Vitruvi American Cedarwood Essential Oil is comforting, warming, and woodsy. Put a few drops into the bottom of your shower and let the aroma fill the space—it’s your own five-minute wellness retreat.

Eucalyptus - Smells like a luxurious spa.
Vitruvi's organic Chinese Eucalyptus is an invigorating essential oil. Because it's best known for its use in spas, Eucalyptus can help you create mini-spa moments from the comfort of home. Its revitalizing herbal scent and antimicrobial properties make it a bathroom staple.

Geranium - Smells like mom’s flower garden.
With bright floral overtones and minty undertones, Vitruvi's Egyptian Geranium Essential Oil is unique and dynamic. Balancing properties make it a welcome ingredient in skincare, while restorative qualities make it ideal for after-work diffusing. It’s mystical and mesmerizing.

Grapefruit -Smells like zesty, tangy citrus.
Sourced from Argentina, Vitruvi's Grapefruit Essential Oil smells lively, juicy, and fresh. It can brighten your skin and your mood, making it as versatile as it is energizing. From fridge deodorizers to face steams, Grapefruit will have no problem finding a place in your home.

Lavender - Smells like a field in France.
Vitruvi's organic French Lavender is a soothing, calming essential oil. Perfect for creating a bedtime ritual, Lavender also easily fits into your beauty routine thanks to its antibacterial properties. Its soft scent will instantly transport you to the South of France.

Spruce - Smells like strolls through the forest.
Vitruvi's Austrian Spruce is a woodsy, earthy, crisp essential oil that at once grounds and invigorates. With a fresh, almost wild aroma, it effectively bridges the gap between outside and inside. It might not replace that weekend hike, but it sure takes a close second.

Ylang Ylang - Smells like an exotic bouquet.
Vitruvi's Ylang Ylang Essential Oil embodies the spirit of the tropical. Its luscious aroma sparks visions of blooming florals and exotic flavors, which means it adds a touch of paradise wherever it’s used. From face oils to diffusers, it breezily enhances everyday experiences.

Sweet Orange - Smells like freshly-squeezed juice.
Zesty, fun, and fresh, Vitruvi's organic Sweet Orange Essential Oil is an easy favorite. Bursting with a juicy aroma, it’s full of Vitamin C and brightening qualities, making it great for both beauty and home.

Peppermint - Smells like warm tea on a cold day.
Vitruvi's organic Peppermint is a refreshing, cooling essential oil sourced from India. With a minty, herbal aroma, it immediately adds vitality and energy to any room. Try pairing it in a diffuser with Sweet Orange for a unique, surprisingly addictive scent.

Lemongrass - Smells like massages in Southeast Asia.
Vitruvi's organic Lemongrass Essential Oil is sweet, earthy, and herbal. Sourced from Sri Lanka, it has an almost candy-like aroma and boasts antifungal properties, which is why it's often used in spas. It also helps repel insects, making it a summer staple.

Lemon - Smells like carefree afternoons.
Vitruvi's organic Lemon Essential Oil is perfect for creating a happy-go-lucky vibe. With a distinctly crisp smell, Lemon is wonderful in home-cleaning products and in body products, too. Sourced from Italy, this citrus oil will make you feel cleansed and content.

Frankincense - Smells like softly-burning incense.
Vitruvi's Indian Frankincense is a grounding, resinous essential oil that helps with relaxation and reflection. Its antioxidant properties can help reduce the visibility of fine lines, while its woodsy, spicy aroma makes it great for meditative practices. Breathe in, breathe out.

Rosemary - Smells like a budding herb garden.
Vitruvi's Organic Rosemary Essential Oil comes from India and has a distinct herbal, woodsy aroma. Almost minty undertones make this fortifying, energizing oil your hair’s best friend and your ideal study buddy. It’s perfect for developing rituals around your space.

Tea Tree - Smells like spring cleaning.
Cleansing, herbal, and slightly bitter, our organic Tea Tree Essential Oil is beloved for its astringent and antibacterial properties. Sourced from Australia, it’s useful to help treat acne, polish jewellery, and clean the house—completely naturally.


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