Wilde House Night Journal


A lightly guided journal intended to support your evening ritual and foster a state of reflection at the close of your day. By recognizing your daily efforts, recording your current musings, listing the top three things you are grateful for and responding with a journal entry, the Night Journal connects you with your current self and allows you to reflect on the day with a sense of purpose.

5’’ x 8’’

75 inner pages of lightly guided morning entry pages. Gold foil stamped cover and inner pages printed on luxe recycled stock made from 30% post-consumer waste. Perfect bound.

Inspired Use:

  • ( 01 ) Check in with how you are feeling at the end of your day by recording your mood.
  • ( 02 ) Use this as a home of accountability by checking off wellness moments that you created space for during your day: meditation, movement, hydration and a moment of self-care.
  • ( 03 ) List out ideas or moments that inspired you within you day. Use this space as a place to come back to as you look through past journal entries.
  • ( 04 ) By writing down the top three things you are grateful for, you are setting a tone for your evening that instantly elevates a higher level of consciousness.
  • ( 05 ) Write a reflection for the evening that speaks to what's on your mind and reflects the current state you are in.

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