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PAST Creating Portable Altars for Daily Ritual

PAST Creating Portable Altars for Daily Ritual


When we are working on changing habits and manifesting new realities, consistent connection is key, and making time for that connection can be made easier with the right tools and intention.

In this workshop, we will work with the energy of the moon to heighten the power of our intentions and create a practical way to connect through daily ritual.

These altars will contain a crystal that you learn to charge using directive programming, as well as an essential oil blend that you will create. If you’ve been looking for a little magic in your life, wondering what to do with all those crystals you’ve been collecting or curious about working with the moon, this is our offering to you.   

All materials provided.

You will leave with a crystal, oil blend and a bag to house these items.


Samantha Story is a NY based acupuncturist who incorporates her studies in essential oils, stone medicine and reiki into her treatments.

Christel Alberez is a Philadelphia based Crystal Resonance Therapist who utilizes the vibrational mechanics of how crystals and minerals interact with the human body and energy field to help shift energetic blocks and patterns.  The two have been leading group healing workshops together for several years, facilitating and witnessing the augmented healing power that manifests in a group setting.

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