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Full Moon Mantra + Tea Meditation / Smudge Stick Workshop

Full Moon Mantra + Tea Meditation / Smudge Stick Workshop


Please join us on this special night as we open up to the power of meditation and plant medicine. The April full moon is the first full moon in spring and pink its appropriate associated color, with birth, buds, and new beginnings happening all around us. The full moon is a cherished time to celebrate our creativity and life force - honoring the divine feminine within us all. We live our daily lives with such a focus on the mind and on our thoughts, that we lose the sacred connection between the mind, body, and soul. The breath is the thread that links them all, and is the life force itself. This workshop will help the participants reach into the deeper self and explore that connection - both through movement, a mantra meditation, tea mediation and making our own intoxicating and cleansing plant medicine.

You will also receive a goodie bag put together by Ann and Elise.

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