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In 2016 Catalina Marin founded TREKO (meaning “yarn of wool”) a luxury 100% natural wool textile line handcrafted in Chiloé, a remote island off the south coast of Chile.

Made by the craftswomen of Chiloé and using techniques passed down since the 16th century, TREKO was created to preserve the textile traditions of the area as well as introduce the world to the incredible work of these master artisans. The dye technique uses natural things such as clay, barks, roots, leaves, and moss that forms on trees and fences. They are made with 100% wool from ’Chilota’ sheep, that are born and raised on the island. The process by which these luxurious wool pieces are made starts with shearing the sheep, cleaning the wool in hot water to remove the natural oils of the sheep, drying and spinning the wool into fine threads before hand weaving into unique textile patterns and textures.

We are carrying their new line, MAKUN (ma-kuun) - meaning “ traditional blanket” in the native Chilean dialect. Traditional weaving in the oldest looms to bring texture, in addition to natural dyes with barks, leaves, clay, moss from trees and fences, MAKUN is created to bring colors and dimension from nature to the home.

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