Moon+Arrow is not just a store; it's a blossoming sanctuary of style and sustainability, where every corner unfurls like a fragrant garden of artisanal treasures. Nestled in the heart of Philadelphia, it's a place where eco-conscious elegance intertwines with handcrafted artistry, creating an enchanting tapestry of timeless fashion.

As you step through our doors, you'll find yourself transported to a haven where nature's beauty harmonizes with human ingenuity. Each piece in our thoughtfully curated collections reflects the essence of Moon+Arrow: handpicked, lovingly crafted, and designed to leave a lasting impression.

Our commitment to sustainability is the vibrant stem from which our offerings bloom. From recycled materials to ethically sourced gemstones, our creations not only adorn but also honor the earth. Every visit is a chance to immerse yourself in the scents, textures, and colors of a living, breathing garden of fashion and art, where every accessory tells a story of conscious creation.

Chelsea Pearce's journey from a pop-up shop to the thriving haven that is Moon+Arrow is a story of passion, dedication, and sustainability. What began as a small, temporary space soon blossomed into a permanent fixture on Philadelphia's Fabric Row. Chelsea's pop-up shop, originally focused on vintage wares and her handmade jewelry, struck a chord with friends, family, and new customers alike. Here we are 12 years later as an established center for community, sustainable wares, and hand crafted goods right in Queen Village, Philadelphia.

Driven by a commitment to creating lasting, sustainable jewelry, Chelsea embarked on a journey into designing and producing Moon+Arrow's signature handcrafted pieces. Her deep connection to nature and celestial wonders infuses her designs, resulting in jewelry that resonates with both wearers and the environment. Today, Moon+Arrow's jewelry collection stands as a testament to Chelsea's unwavering dedication to conscious craftsmanship, making it a beloved destination for those seeking beauty with purpose.