May Visiting Artist : Terra Luna

One of our favorite local makers is Herbalist, Elise Hanks of Terra Luna. We've been working with Elise for many years and are so happy to welcome her as our Visiting Artist for May! She will be providing special Mother's Day gifts and new products that we're excited for you to try!

Q: What is the significance behind your company’s name? 

The name Terra Luna was inspired by the idea of harmony on this earth and beyond. An awareness of our place on this planet and the need to promote wellness of both ourselves and the land. 

Q: How did you start using herbs? 

Herbs first came into my life as I was searching for alternative treatments for my troubled skin. I began making home remedies for myself, which worked in a way that no other product that I was purchasing had! I fell in love with the idea of healing something like acne from the inside...using teas and tinctures to address imbalances in my other systems that caused breakouts and irritations. From then on, I was hooked. Luckily, I also already had experience working with plants in other forms, having worked on vegetable and flower farms in the past, so my herbal experimentation also expanded into gardening. Now I combine my two loves of growing herbs and making recipes full time!

Q: How has your business grown since you started?

While I’m still a very small operation, my vision for the brand has grown immensely since it’s birth. I started by only selling recipes that I made myself, but quickly realized that I wanted to offer the work of other makers and herbalists I admire as well. I now offer Terra Luna goods alongside other amazing brands, all focused on promoting sustainable wellness for your skin, your personal rituals, and your home. 

Q: What is your favorite part about being an artist in Philadelphia? 

The support and inspiration I’ve received from other makers, friends, and customers over the years. There is certainly no shortage of opportunities to collaborate and explore in the Philadelphia small business community :-) 


Q: What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned throughout the process of starting your own business? 

To not undervalue your time and your work. It has always been a goal of mine that my products and workshops be offered at a price point that is accessible to a wide range of customers...but finding the delicate balance between that and building a business can be hard to do! Value yourself and your offerings and others will too!

Q: Congratulations on your most recent garden workshop offering, what is next for terra luna? 

One of my biggest focuses now is to expand my growing operation to supply an even greater percentage of my ingredients myself. The goal is to someday grow 100% of my herbal ingredients and I am well on my way :-) 

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