May Visiting Vintage: Savor Collective

Meet Emily Razzi of Savor Collective, Moon+Arrow's visiting vintage seller for May. If you've ever stopped into Moon+Arrow you may have seen Emily working the register, styling or merchandising the store. Along side being a shop girl here at M+A Razzi runs Savor Collective. We are excited to have her curated vintage in the shop for the entire month of May. 

Q: How did you find yourself working at Moon+Arrow? Tell us a little bit about your background. I ended up at Moon + Arrow after a crazy life shift and I knew I needed something people facing and creative. I have a heart for small business, being raised on one and have always been a lover of M+A. 

About two months into working at M+A I found myself newly single, temporarily living back with my parents in the suburbs full time, and balancing a complete life shift. Now, almost 4 months later, I'm walking after work to Whole Foods, opening my door to my beautiful city apartment with boxes of vintage in my closet and eyes full of perspective. 

What have I learned? Pain is temporary. Seasons change.

Q: What drives you? What inspires you? My Dad and the support he has shown for my creativity. I think when we watch the ones we love sacrifice so much for our own dreams we can't help but feel driven to do the same for ourselves. In a world where being creative feels daunting and a fight to feel seen, he always made me feel like my eye for colors, and patterns, rather in clothing / home styling, painting, or ceramics was worthy of being seen. Anyone who meets him and talks to him for even a few minutes is filled with encouragement. 

I want to be the same for myself and others. At the end of the day we only have ourselves, our soul, and our dreams… and I want to prioritize myself while giving others the space to feel seen, especially in their art. 

Q: Who is your style icon? Is there an option to just input all of my Pinterest boards here, ;) Color and texture are a big icon for me but to be honest, everyday life is where I feed my inspiration for my daily style. 

Walking down the street, going to a farmers market, going to a vintage flea market, working at Moon + Arrow are all moments for me where I find inspiration. My style changes constantly. Everyday is a moment for me to ask myself how I want to show up today… including in my style.

Q: What is the significance behind your company’s name? Savor was a word I had read about years ago from the perspective of looking at each thing we do, eat, wear, etc as a moment in time to savor. As a trying minimalist and mindfulness advocate I truly want people to buy my curations because they know they will truly savor it. 


Q: Why did you start collecting and selling vintage? When I was 20 and in college I had been sorting through some anxiety and felt out of touch with my creativity. One of my roommates asked me if I wanted to go to the local Salvation Army. I said yes and I fell in LOVE. 

As my love grew so did my collection and the realization that I wasn't going to wear all of it. I would find myself picking up pieces that weren't my size or style but I wanted SOMEONE out there to have it. So, Savor Collective was born. 

Q: What is your favorite part about being a vintage curator here in the Philadelphia area? The relationships I have made along the way, I truly feel so encouraged and loved by other vintage slingers out there. I don't feel like it is a competition. I feel embraced into a community of people who all love the same thing… vintage. The hunt has to be one of my favorite parts… filling up my '08 outback with piles of finds is honestly such a rush. 

Q: What is a fun fact about you? I truly believe one of the reasons why I'm on this earth is to “gas people up”. Anyone who is close to me in life can attest to this that I will make people show me their outfits and give me a little spin so I can tell them how GREAT they look. Taking a second out of our day to acknowledge someone's creativity, outfit, beauty… whatever is important.

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What a wonderful piece Emily! I was just in your folks’ shop today and sharing with your mom and dad that I left my 40 year career at the end of the year and am now – finally – allowing myself time to pursue my three creative passions: textiles, writing and working as an educator. I’m loving every moment of it and wishing I had made that move at your age. Kudos to you! I’m so happy to read about what you’re doing and will stop in to Moon and Arrow sometime soon (before I move out of my gorgeous Queen Village home later this summer). Congrats! Xo Nadya

Nadya Shmavonian July 01, 2022

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