Miarante Rhonda Ring



Get carried away with the "Peach Tourmaline" ring in size 7! This ring embodies the perfect balance between delicate grace and bold beauty. As unique and wild as the Scottish landscape, each Miarante design is created with hand-engraved detailing and ethically-sourced "fair trade gems" that have been carefully tracked from mine to market. Jenni, the designer, draws inspiration from the rugged mountains, lush forests, and clear lochs of her homeland in the Trossachs, resulting in Gaelic and Scots names for each piece that reflect a place, mood, or history. These mesmerizing gems capture the vibrant hues of green moss, pink heather, bracken, and fern, mirroring the ever-changing landscape with its mystical charm. Just like no two walks in the countryside are identical, each tourmaline stone in this ring is one-of-a-kind.

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