Yahae Row Gauge Socks


These impeccably crafted organic cotton ROW GAUGE SOCKS are made with utmost precision on a vintage Bentley machine in England. Boasting a gentle hand-knit feel, the material is a harmonious blend of white and natural brown cotton, offering unique levels of comfort from each. White cotton is spun from an exquisite mix of yarn from around the world such as the US, India, Turkey, Africa and Peru, for an extra-luxurious touch. The brown cotton is sustainably produced on Dr. Sally Fox's farm in New Mexico. Delicately composed of 92% organic cotton, 7% nylon and 1% polyurethane, this timeless piece is guaranteed to prove a superior fit with measurements of 25-27cm for EU 39-44, USW 8-10 and USM 7-9.

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