Herbal Apothecary: Suntrap Botanical

December's Maker of the Month is the inspiring Suntrap Botanical. Suntrap is an apothecary and herb farm in Brooktondale, New York. It was started in 2015 by Philadelphia-born environmentalist, clinical herbalist, artist, and organic farmer Geraldine Lavin. Fueled by a love for the environment and a deep desire to spread the good word of plants, they started creating products and design initiatives. They also host workshops and talks to open up awareness and connect with like-minded communities.

In the summer of 2018 Suntrap grew, and Geraldine partnered with ethnobotanist and fellow clinical herbalist Hayden Stebbins, who also holds a Masters Degree in sustainable horticulture and food production.

Geraldine and Hayden are spreading the message of healing as far and as wide as they can. Their focus is on the relationship between ecological systems and human health, working with "invasive" plants of their region and using these plant allies for medicine, food, natural dye materials or whatever else they can dream up. They both live out Suntrap's mission to use the potent medicinal properties of these plants to soothe, educate, empower and strengthen their communities, all while strengthening the ecosystems that we all exist in. They achieve this by studying the ecosystems around them - the soil, water, etc and design systems to mimic environmental efficiency on their own farm. They aim to meet the needs of humans while being mindful of regeneration of a particular area's thriving ecology and by keeping all of their products packaging fully recyclable and biodegradable

The Suntrap apothecary is a place where one can seek out hand-crafted, intentional blends of nurturing and wise plant allies that can provide a variety of natural support for imbalances, immunity, clarity/mental focus, menstrual cramps, a frayed nervous system, or just when you need the feeling of bliss and release from a really deep inhale and exhale. 

In addition to what they forage and grow themselves, Suntrap passionately sources local, organic herbs and solvents for potent extractions. Geraldine and Hayden do what they do to assist folks in feeling and being well, while also being stewards to the earth and land on which they work and gather from. 

We align with Suntrap's mission, love their products, and are happy to support them by bringing them back to Philadelphia for our upcoming Winter Solstice Party! They will be one of the featured makers this Friday, December 21st, from 6pm-9pm. They will be bringing their Winter apothecary boxes as well as their home apothecary essential line and some very special seasonal items. We also hope to be providing them with a future space to educate and connect with our community of herb and fungi-loving folks. To learn more about their mission, the plants they love, their products and more, you can visit them here

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