A moment of appreciation for Olli Ella

“We are makers of wares for nomads, homebodies and small folk.” -Olli Ella

Looking for the perfect spring basket? We have been carrying Olli Ella from the beginning and have to say we are still in awe with everything they create.  Olli Ella use natural materials, sourced sustainably, and focus on craftsmanship and ethical productions. They believe “that the desire to store, tidy, transport, and explore transcends cultures and generations and this understanding is the starting point” from all their designs.


These timeless products are unlike any other we have seen and are perfect for spring! From their picnic baskets to their luggy basket (basket on wheels!!) these are thoughtful gifts that will spring smiles to everyone's faces and will be loved through generations for their celebration of play. Olli Ella pieces are easily identified by their vintage aesthetic, simple lines, and use of natural materials.

Our favorite styles that we sell at our little shop are the luggy baskets, piki baskets, and the strolley! We also carry more amazing products from Olli Ella at the shop! Each piece is unique and special. 

The Luggy basket is the perfectly tiny wheeled basket for your toddler. It is a wonderful companion for storing and toting their most prized possessions around the town! The Luggy basket will go with your child everywhere from the beach to the playground or for helping you with the weekly food shopping and spring markets all around the city!    


The piki basket is,well, perfect for all your spring picnics! But it is also wonderful as a keeper for all the treasures your little one collects through out the days adventures! The Piki basket will be a long time favorite of any child-big or small! 

The Stolley is something very special- a revolutionary design in imaginative play! "This handwoven rattan basket on wheels switches from a stroller to a shopping cart, by just lowering the hood!' The Strolley is the perfect toy for pretend play, for pushing around your little one's favorite toys, and so much more!  This basket may be the most special one we have ever seen! 

Stop on by the store or check out our selection online to purchase these timeless baskets! 

All images and information is from Olli Ella's website! 


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