July Visiting Vintage: Good Batch Vintage

Q: What is the significance behind your company’s name?
We often make popcorn, as a snack or more commonly as the main course of our dinner. We have a designated pot that we use to make stovetop popcorn, quite simply with coconut oil and salt. After the first handfuls of every batch, we look at each other and remark on how that batch is a particularly “good batch.” Quite frankly, they all are. But, the phrase (can two words be considered a phrase?) stuck and we began using it as a joke and eventually, thought to apply it to our vintage hauls, also referring to those as “good batches.” Similarly to the popcorn, every batch is a good batch. 

Q: Why did you start collecting and selling vintage?
We’ve always loved thrifting, mostly for personal purposes. We appreciate the quality of vintage clothes, the stories woven into each piece, and their unique nature. During covid, especially at the beginning, there weren’t many things to do that felt safe, besides outdoor activities. As the pandemic raged on, we filled our days with trips to thrift stores, estate sales, and rummage sales around SW Michigan. Unsurprisingly, there are many hidden gems to be found among the grape vines and inlet lakes of rural MI. Pretty quickly, we acknowledged that we were no longer shopping just for ourselves, unable to pass up a cool vintage coat that was either far too large or far too small for either of us. Wait, are we answering the question? We started collecting and selling vintage because we love the hunt. We love sifting through bins or digging around in someone’s closet to find a piece that speaks to us, that’s worn in all the right places, that has the comfort of a home cooked meal. As our inventory grew, we realized we could share these things to people who appreciate them but maybe don’t want to spend the time sifting and digging. We love the aspect of selling vintage that is giving life to items that might be forgotten or no longer appreciated. Not only are vintage clothes straight up awesome, they’re sustainable! They already exist! We don’t need new clothes! I guess what we are trying to say is that we like everything about it, from the fashion to sustainability to breathing new life into something old. 

Q: What is your favorite part about being a vintage curator here in the Philadelphia area?
We actually just moved to Philadelphia in November and this is our first main vintage gig since then. We tried our hand at selling on Etsy but to be honest, we don’t love the online selling scene. We have previously sold at antique malls and enjoy curating a physical space and interacting with customers and store managers face-to-face. We are really excited about all of the prospects the Philly vintage world has to offer! Like Moon and Arrow’s visiting vintage, for example. It seems like there are a lot of opportunities to do in-person vintage selling, which is what we prefer. 

Q: What is your inspiration when looking for vintage?
You know how sometimes you meet someone and you are instantly drawn to them? Or you leave the conversation being like, I feel like I’ve met them before….. Even though you haven’t. Well, the same kinda thing happens with vintage clothes. That feeling is the inspiration. 

Q: What does the future hold for you? Anything fun or exciting on the horizon? 
We’re really hoping to partake in more pop-ups and integrate ourselves into the Philly vintage community. Community is hard to build and it seems like an easy place to start is by meeting people with similar passions and interests. Other than that, we’re moving at the end of July to an apartment with a porch that will lend itself well to some raised plant beds, which is both fun and exciting. 

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Nice to see young people thrifting

Geana Goorhouse June 05, 2024

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