August Visiting Artist: Shop JennRon

We are happy and excited to welcome Shop Jennron to Moon+Arrow for August. Shop JennRon is Vintage made for you, each one of a kind garment is handmade from vintage or sustainably sourced fabric in our South Philly home studio. Founded by Jenna and Cameron. We sat down with Jenna to ask her some questions about style, vintage, and sustainability. 
How would you describe your style?
I would best describe my style as indoor/outdoor pajamas. I love vintage house coats & dresses, 70s grandma style, bold prints and neon colors. Comfort is at the forefront of my style but how can I be comfortable but also wear as much print as possible. The more color the better but also soft textures, lots of accessories and chunky platform shoes are my uniform. 70s kitsch has been inspirational to me! 

How did ShopJennRon begin? 
ShopJennron started in 2019 on a dare. A friend of ours was over and we were chatting about how vintage isn't size inclusive and how one size fits all doesn't include plus sizes. And she said well "you do it, make size inclusive one size fits all" and I said challenge accepted. Cam and I wanted to combine our skills to make vintage for everyone! What really catapulted our brand was losing our jobs in the pandemic. It really forced us to get it together and make a brand we were proud of! 

Since the pandemic began, are clothes playing a different role in your life? 
Since the pandemic the need for comfort has become a priority in my life. It's less about what's trendy, or socially acceptable and more about forming a wardrobe that has longevity, versatility and makes me happy. In 2020 I actually overhauled my closet and realized how much of my clothes didn't speak to me anymore. It was another reason I started my business to make clothes that I want to wear over and over again.  

Tell us about sustainability, clothing, and size inclusivity, how does it play a part in your life/brand?
Sustainability is extremely important in my life. I work for the Rounds on top of my business and companies like that have made sustainability convenient and accessible for me. I love clothes! So the hardest part is lowering my consumption and finding sustainable solutions for clothing that also I am in love with. Our brand really focuses on how to make clothing sustainable, size inclusive, gender nonconforming and fun! We focus on plus sizes because sustainability isn't always an option past a size XL and if it is the products are mostly basics. (I am not a basic girlie) So having statement pieces that are low waste and in all sizes is extremely critical to our brand identity.   

What is on the horizon for ShopJennRon?
We have some things up our sleeves...what I can tell you is stay tuned for new cuts, and PATCHWORK! 

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