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Luna Maye is teaching a Soundbath meditation class at Little Moon and Arrow on Saturday, July 20th at 10 am. This class will be 45 minutes along and is open to all ages. This class will explore how sound supports our well-being, creativity, and vitality with a playful spirit. Using familiar children's songs, gentle affirmations & sonic vibrations - each child will explore how sound meditation can positively impact their emotional and physical space. This is our conversation with Luna Maye. 

What can people expect from this workshop you are doing at Little Moon? 

A safe, playful, open and accessible format where we have a light explanation of the instruments and modalities and do inclusive call and response sing-a-longs, breathwork, and mindfulness together. Relaxing in a seated or lying down position. Whatever is most comfortable for you and your little moon! 

Tell us more about your background

Love this question! I am answering it through the lens of the Little Moon glasses. Ever since I was a little girl, I loved celebrating and creating spaces for people to enjoy themselves. I grew up in the country in Maryland and would plan themed parties from age 6 - I loved bringing people together and always having something to look forward to - to celebrate! This, paired with music and a genuine curiosity for life, is what led me through my childhood in music, theatre, and the arts. I studied Event Management in college, graduated early, and for the next ten years planned & designed weddings, conferences, you name it. Music was always a constant, a gentle reminder of the heart of the matter - then four years ago during a time in my life when darkness was constant, and my essence was dimmed - the crystal bowls found me. I started working with my teacher, and she gently suggested one morning I start signing with the bowls as I play them. I had not sung for six years while I was in my darkness - and something just clicked in me. I felt home again in my skin. It was there that I knew that my inner child was asking to be held and met in a new way. Since then, I’ve left corporate America to study and share the profound power of sonic vibration. Curating experience that (change to) harness music & mindfulness together in unique and curious spaces. Learning and sharing both the science and emotional information that sonic vibration offers us - so we can use it as a tool to explore and deepen into our potential for peace - all inner children - everywhere. 

Why Philadelphia? 

Never thought I’d move to Philly but now six years later couldn’t imagine my life not being here! I got recruited from DC by Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants to be their Director of Catering at Hotel Palomar. I had a dream about a white loft when I was living in DC with no intention to move. Then when the universe opened up Philly as an opportunity the first apartment I saw was a white loft that I’ve been living in the last six years - life is pretty cool like that. 

How did you start practicing meditation and guided meditations?  

I answered above :)

But what I will say a little more on this topic is that I believe in creating an accessible experience for all beings - all ages - all backgrounds - and leveraging the universal language of music and vibration to do so. There’s an undeniable recognition in the body when we hear the sonic vibrations of the singing bowls - our cells recognize its profound impact on us. Plus, it’s such a safe and accessible tool, especially for people that are meditation curious. We all know stuff is good for us. But the space between knowing and doing looks different for all of us, and I never thought I’d be able to meditate. I navigated heavy darkness and anxiety and meditation was something I never thought I’d be able to do. That’s why I feel so connected to this work and these instruments because I believe in their ability to be a vehicle for us to expand the depth and breadth of our balance. & that’s why I like to infuse soulful melodies into the experience, maintaining the playful nature of it all. 

Tell us more about your love for the crystal alchemy singing bowls. How has this practice shifted your every day? 

Playing these instruments has radically shifted my internal and external landscape - the sound waves offer a cellular massage of sound - shifting the body subtly out of fight or flight into a state of being where we can then explore and play and feel safe. On an everyday level, I’m more relaxed; the tension in the body and mind has greatly decreased. I’m more patient than ever before, more open, more creative. This Virgo is not perfect, though! Those triggers and areas of opportunity still arise every day - but my cellular memory accesses the vibration of the bowls at any time and helps guide me to make choices with the intention to serve myself and everyone around me through the lens of love as best I can. 

What inspires you? 

Connection - this idea that we all come from different walks of life and experiences but that intrinsically we are connected in love and that at any moment, you can dive into a conversation with someone and see a bit into their soul. Assuming you are ready to be that open - but I think we all long to (be)long. 

Why do you feel it is important to start teaching children about the practice of meditation, yoga, and sound? 

That everything they need is inside of them, and they can feel safe to explore the uniqueness of them and all of their emotions in a safe, playful, and empowering way. Cultivating self-worthiness, love & celebration of the joy and playful spirit. Children are a mirror back to us on the heart of the matter - these wellness modalities are tools we can guide them with to maintain the spirit of their inner child as they grow and develop in life. 

How does sound play a role in your life? 

Sound is everything - there’s something to tune into (and out of) around every corner. Have you ever listened to these Philly birds? They are so amazing! The birds outside my window sing a symphony of songs even in the dead of winter. There is a lot to hear, especially within ourselves. When we turn down the fear volume and turn up the love volume - we tune (in) to a different frequency that is incredibly fulfilling. I think children are our greatness teacher in this way, and we should take their lead with this - they remind us of what it means to be human, and what matters. I love to support their curiosity and capacity for love through the vehicle of sound. 

Do you have any advice for mothers teaching their children about mindfulness + meditation? 

Do I have any advice for a mother - as I am not one? No way :) I bow to you. Seeing my Sister begin motherhood in such a beautiful way, seeing my friends embodying motherhood with their children, putting the pieces together on how much my mother gave to my sister and me - understanding and compassion for that level of devotional love. 
My only sentiment would be, ask for what you need. The Nurturing Needs Nurturing. 


What else would you like to share with our community? 

Thank you for exploring this work - I adore this community and how supportive everyone is of each other. This city is incredible, and I’m so excited to spend a summer morning together playful exploring sound, vibration, and mindfulness - celebrating the inner child in all of us. 

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