Meet Tasha Goldberg

Tasha has been a part of the Moon + Arrow family for years. Providing her insight in reading Tarot, she's been a staple of our seasonal offerings. She'll be joining us again virtually during this poignant time of year. We see 2021 as a new beginning so we wanted to re-introduce this beautiful human!  Tasha will be offering Tarot Readings on Sunday, January 3rd from 10-3pm. Book your session today!


Q: Can you tell us about your background? When and how did you start working with Tarot? 

I come from love. Although my parents split when I was a small girl, I was always surrounded in love. When I was about 15 years old, my mother gifted me my first tarot deck. I was fascinated by how connected the images and symbols were to the stories of my life at the time. I found tarot to be a beautiful bridge between my logic and intuitive mind. I was able to practice connecting and tuning in, yet I was also able to pour over the chapters of interpretations of the many symbols and meanings contained in the cards. I felt relieved that I did not have to choose or favor a part of me, tarot invited all of me into each session. 
Over the years, I continued to practice and use tarot for myself, and my family and friends. When I began to travel, I discovered that tarot opened the window to share intimacy in a beautiful and profound way. In the safe space of a session, people would open and share the most beautiful, delicate, and powerful parts of themselves. I always felt that my role was to interpret …. As if the language of tarot was one I had studied and could help translate for those who were less fluent with the meanings. 

Q: What is your favorite part of a reading?

To this day, I continue to study. I love reading and rereading the chapters that travel the world and reveal these incredible stories. When I read, I balance this with the intuition of connecting the dots so that the meanings are clear and easy to relate to. Slowly over time, I have developed rituals for the sessions, and ways to support grounding the sessions into everyday life for those I read for. There are so many things I love about reading tarot! One thing that is very special for me is that the readings are effortless. To participate in a session, there is nothing required of you. There are so many ways our lives can be demanding, and even though it can be beautiful to ‘push through’ and ‘try-hard’, tarot sessions are so much about surrender. It is a rare and precious way to float in a whole vibe, allow ourselves to invite in clarity, to feel the sensation of trust, and to open to our own truths. 

Q: You started an incredible company named Evidence of Hope, can you tell us how this inspiring project came to fruition?

For the last decade or so, I have traveled the world reporting on United Nations negotiations around sustainable development. The experience has been incredible, allowing me the privilege of being on the inside of a high-level and political forum. I have always loved exploring, so naturally, I would often book myself to stay a bit longer on assignments that brought around the world. During these days of being able to take in new cultures, I was amazed by how open and generous most people were to me. Although I was traveling alone, I was nearly never actually alone. Without even sharing a common language most of the time, I found myself quickly engaging in beautiful friendships and relationships, being invited into people’s homes and family and lives. 

While I continued to report and produce videos on sustainable development, I began to sense some sort of disconnect. I began to recognize that much of the communication around sustainability is stuck in a similar script or template. The formula involves presenting information that almost bullies people into caring by announcing devastating facts as a way to shock and pique interest. As a result of this tactic, I witnessed people around me becoming numb, detached and tuning out. 

I realized that my own sense of security was so much inspired by the experiences I was having after meetings, exploring new places. In these ‘in-between’ assignment sessions, I was meeting people who were facing the challenges being negotiated AND who were clearly demonstrating resilience and innovation. This is when it clicked for me that I wanted to explore how to share these experiences that inspired me, to the world around me.

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