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As the sun-kissed latter days of summer slowly wind down and we all prepare for the transition into Autumn, Moon + Arrow is experiencing a change and transition all its own. We all have been busy preparing for our move into our new home. A closing of one set of doors and the grand opening of a new, welcoming set - just up the street on our beloved South 4th.

We collectively wanted to both reflect on the memory house that Chelsea Pearce built over the last 8 years, and too also look ahead at the future where both Moon + Arrow and Little Moon will share a space.  Where we will continue to grow and create with one another and you, our community both near and far. In sharing sentiments, we asked our team to share a bit more on their favorite memories in our current, original space and what their vision is and most excited for in the new location.

Chelsea Pearce, Founder, Designer & Creative Director

Question: What are you most excited about moving into the new space for the team and the customers?
Taking the opportunity to level-up and refine what we are doing is very exciting. Our team feels so beautifully balanced right now and I can't wait to see what we're capable of creating in this new space and time. I'm so excited to share a brand new experience with our beloved customers while keeping the spirit of the old Moon + Arrow.

Monique Peterson, Head Jeweler

What are some of your favorite memories in your current space?
Jewelry line conceptions! I loved coming up with new ideas for collections and collaborating with Adrianne and Bridget on the concept/photoshoots.
What is your vision for the new space?
A refined version of our current jewelry studio - I’d love to teach more jewelry classes in our new space and also host open studio events
What are you most excited for in our new location?
A more curated and intentional space! Utilizing our building the best way we can. Hosting more workshops with a dedicated space and focus.

Jessica, ​Workshop Manager

What are some of your favorite memories in your current space?
Meeting really inspiring, special folks - either part of the team or that came into the shop for various reasons - that I now call dear friends outside of the shop.
Chelsea and I sharing dreams about workshops and special events, realizing those dreams and being given creative freedom to create and build the workshop program. It’s hard to put into words what incredible experiences I have had during these workshops connecting with the facilitators and the open hearted and minded people that come and help make it all happen.
Lastly, the silly, simple moments over the years with all of us just BEing and giggling and dancing to music and playing dress up and just creating our own type of magic.
What are you most excited for in the new space?
I am excited for the growth and both shops joining as one to create a unique shopping experience. I am most excited about our future Moon Room, a dedicated workshop space that will continue to deepen our connection to our community and grow both it and our offerings, especially in collaboration with Little Moon. I am also looking forward to leading and sharing more than I have in the past.

Bridget, ​Store Manager / In-House Head Photographer

What are some of your favorite memories in your current space?
Oh how there are so many beautiful memories from the 729 S 4th Street location! I have to say my favorite memories are from our beautiful customer base and our music class gatherings. In this space I have made the greatest connections with amazing people. Getting to know our community in such an intimate space was a lovely experience. I was able to share and connect with so many people, caregivers, and children. I have met so many babies from when they were in the belly and was able to watch and interact with them as the grew into toddlers. What an incredible experience to have!!
Our music classes with April Harkanson has also been one of my favorite memories from this space. These Thursday morning gatherings became my favorite part of the week. Being able to see some of the same kids every week and noticing how much change each week brought was my favorite. I love being able to share these moments with the caregivers and create these beautiful memories and so much laughter. These gatherings are so magical and I can't wait for the music classes in the new space to start.
What is your vision for the new space?
I am so excited for the new space! When I think of the new space, I think of all the opportunities that we will be able to create for our business and our community. I am so thankful to be apart of this process of creating a lifestyle brand and sharing more beautiful handmade items with our community.
What are you most excited for in our new location?
Everything in the new space is exciting! I am excited for the shift of energy and the opportunity for change. I am excited for all of us to be working together in the same building and the new experiences we will share with our community!

EMILY, ​Creative /  In-House Photographer

What is one or two of your favorite memories in your current space?
Some of my favorite memories in Little Moon and Arrow are the unremarkable moments. While reflecting on my last year in Little Moon and Arrow with Bridget, I think of the first time it snowed while I was working at Little Moon. This space is so beautiful, with a row of windows that wrap around the front of Little Moon, it feels as if you're in a snow globe and is so calming.
What is your vision for the new space?
My vision for the new space lies in the full blending of our two distinct brands. I am excited to be apart of this process of joining Little Moon and Moon and Arrow into a fully realized lifestyle brand. I really believe it will be a beautiful one stop shop for all of our customers and will open doors to new customer bases.
What are you most excited for in our new location?
I am excited to start fresh again! I love the idea of Moon and Arrow/Little Moon becoming one experience for our community, as well as being apart of the, as Chelsea has called it, rebirth of Moon + Arrow! I'm excited that we are entering a new space with endless possibilities :)

Elise, Creative Team Lead 

What are some of your favorite memories in the current M+A space?
My favorite memory is the first time I stepped into Moon + Arrow as a new Philadelphia resident at a winter event. Warmly welcomed by our event coordinator, Jess Curreri we sat in an intimate setting under the hanging dried leaves. I'll never forget the cozy atmosphere and the feeling of peace that I will find my tribe in this beautiful community at M+A.
I've encountered many wonderful people in the Moon + Arrow space and it makes me so happy when I can help assist in an important purchase at our store; like a bride choosing her wedding earrings.
What is your vision for the new space?
Bright with light, both physically and energetically.
What are you most excited for in our new location?
The cohesion of Moon + Arrow and Little Moon + Arrow. Moving into a new space is having us reinvent ourselves and how our customers shop. It will be lovely to see how families can shop for their entire household in one place.

Audra, Executive Director 

What is one or two of your favorite memories in the current M + A Space?
It was my first interaction. The first time I walked into the shop I fell in love with the space, the products, the energy the team exuded into the shop and mission and vision that the container that M + A holds. It was as though that one experience a portal to see my future in and created clarity of how I could support the company and community.
What is your vision for the new space? 
A place to be of service for all and every and a reminder for what is possible when people come together in union and be a stand knowing that anything is possible once imagined. 
What are you most excited for in our new location?
Being physically there to co-create in. Right now I work from my home in Denver, Colorado. Working remotely (primarily) with Moon + Arrow and I am very, very excited to have my home-base be in Philadelphia soon to be able to be more in creation of all the things with our team. 
Our Grand Opening & Fall Equinox celebration is on September 27th. 
We cannot wait to welcome you into our new home at 742 S 4th Street.

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