The Waldorf Puppet Troupe Performed at Little Moon + Arrow

On Saturday, November 10th, Little Moon + Arrow hosted a Puppet Play presented by the Waldorf School of Philadelphia's Marionette Puppet Troupe.
The Waldorf Marionette Puppet Play has long been used in Early Childhood programs throughout the world.  The act of creating the puppets and adapting the stories is an artistic outlet for educators and community participants, and the plays are a real gift for the young child. In our busy world, the beauty of the puppet play allows the children to take a deep breath and enhance their growing imaginations.
The Waldorf School of Philadelphia's Puppet Troupe is led by Yoshiko Kendall, the founding member of the Shining Mountain Waldorf School in Boulder Colorado. Yoshiko is a trained early childhood teacher who has worked in the Lexington Waldorf School and the Acorn Hill Kindergarten Program and has lead puppet troupes at these schools for the last 20 years. The puppet troupe works under Yoshiko's direction to continue to give the gift of the puppet play at special events and outreach activities throughout the year, including Waldorf's Holiday Fair.  

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