Bodha Vibration Perfume Sampler


Founded in 2014, Bodha is creating a new world of therapeutic perfumery to help you come back to yourself through the power of scent. A full set of mini Vibration perfumes - Earth, Plants, Air & Moon. Perfect for travel, and gifting. Made in Los Angeles with vegan and sustainably sourced ingredients.

4 x 1ml hand-made perfume oils                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Vibration Perfume - Nº1 Earth

The deep mysterious energy of Earth shimmers in the darkness. Be enveloped by its grounding bed of fragrant forest moss, warm temple wood & opulent smoked resins. A rich transformative scent with precious notes of papyrus, frankincense tears & Moroccan cedar.

Green moss (top)
Rich woods (heart)
Smoked resins (base)

Vibration Perfume - Nº2 Plants

The verdant energy of Plants unfurls in shades of green. Be renewed by its radiant landscape of bright juicy citrus, fragrant crushed leaves and bitter green resins. A lush vibrant scent with precious notes of coastal bergamot, high-mountain Galbanum & Italian tomato leaf.

Juicy rinds (top)
Fragrant leaves (heart)
Bitter green resins (base)

Vibration Perfume - Nº3 Air

The luminous energy of Air sparkles in the crystalline cosmos. Float in its breezy atmosphere of crisp green melon, sheer white flowers & soft ocean light. An expansive ethereal scent with precious notes of honeydew, custard apple blossoms & sea- shells.

Green melon (top)
Translucent florals (heart)
Ocean breeze (base)

*some cloudiness or sediment may occur due to the all-natural ingredients

Vibration Perfume - Nº4 Moon

A spacious shimmering fragrance of powdery minerals, soft woods, and a hint of smoke. Reflective & meditative, this living perfume connects you with the Moon's magnetic energy.  
  • Vibration: Inspires reflection & tranquility
  • Aroma: Soft, powdery, woody
  • Notes: Star anise, Clay roasted wood, Haitian Vetiver

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