Fiele Fragrances


Extracted from plants and crafted from raw materials from around the world, Fiele Fragrances are cruelty-free and handcrafted in Los Angeles.

Bergamia: Bursting with bergamot citrus aurantium from Italy, an oil revered for its uplifting and pleasure-inducing aroma, coupled with mandarin and grapefruit, a dose of fresh green herbaceous brightness, and a spritz of snappy aromatic bitters, Bergamia is a heart energizing, sparkling citrusy green fragrance made for sunny days and sunset moods, ideal for the summer months that lie ahead.

Keynotes include Italian bergamot, grapefruit, green mandarin, bitter red-orange, neroli, thyme, rosemary, petitgrain, juniper berry, vetiver, and clean musk.

Cedrus: combines the grounding benefits of three cedarwood varieties from across the globe: cedrus deodora wild-grown in India’s Himalayas, organic atlas cedarwood from Morocco, and wild-grown Virginia cedarwood. Heightened with heady jasmine absolute and fresh wild orange, this fragrance evokes bright sunlight, dry woodland breezes, and the call of adventure. 

Woody, Green, Zesty

Juniperus: Clean and light, J U N I P E R U S begins with Juniperus recurva, a native Himalayan shrub cultivated in Nepal. We pair its uplifting scent with invigorating fir and blooming ylang-ylang to create a balanced fragrance that evokes alpine air and promotes inner harmony.  

*Juniper Leaf/Berry (Nepal), *Juniper Berry CO2 Select Extract (India), *Virginia Cedarwood (USA), *Myrrh CO2 Select Extract (Somalia), *Organic Fir Needles (Bulgaria), *Organic Ylang Ylang (Madagascar), *Bergamot (Italy), *Pink Peppercorn (USA), musk

Santalum: blended with a base of santalum austrocaledonicum, a sustainable species of sandalwood from New Caledonia treasured for its rich aroma. We combine this warm, creamy absolute with soft jasmine, precious orris root, and a hint of tobacco to create a fragrance that evokes sun-warmed skin and a sacred sense of calm.  

*Sandalwood Absolute (New Caledonia), *Patchouli (Indonesia), *Jasmine Grandiflorum Absolute (India), *Jasmine Sambac Absolute (India), *Orris Root (France), *Tonka Bean Absolute (Brazil), *Vanilla Absolute (Madagascar), *Tobacco Absolute (Bulgaria), *Cedarwood (Virginia), *Agarwood (India), *Bergamot (Italy), *Espresso (El Salvador), musk

A flower for you: embodies the essence of our dear friend and its Muse, Ron Finley. A cultural visionary, Finley nourishes neighborhoods and the soul through The Ron Finley Project. Proceeds from this limited edition fragrance collaboration will benefit the project, aimed at teaching communities how to transform food deserts into food sanctuaries, and teaching individuals how to generate their lands.

A Flower For You is a symbolic expression, recalling the intimate gesture of offering one a flower, an evocative illustration of Finley’s romantic connection with nature. Notes of earthy Indian vetiver and sustainably sourced Hawaiian sandalwood provide depth and grounding, softened with Madagascar vanilla and Egyptian rose, along with geranium and jasmine.

Key Notes: * Vetiver (India), * Sandalwood (Hawaii), * Atlas Cedar (Morocco), * Rose de Mai (Egypt), * Bergamot (Italy), * Jasmine Grandiflorum (India), * Pink Peppercorn (Peru), * Vanilla Absolute (Madagascar), * Geranium (Egypt), * Orris Root (France), Musk

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