6pm Travel Candles


True romance: A natural, sultry floral experience with pink peppercorn and decadent plum that gives way to a dry musk and amber finish.

Aphrodite, being the goddess of love, beauty, and desire, was known to attract those who came into her presence magically and this scent is no different. This sophisticated and luxurious blend of black cardamom, grapefruit, and santal is complimented by animal musk, cedar, and vetiver. Its enchanting aroma will surely make the sanest man go mad. 

Coral Reef: Smell the sea and feel the sky. Swim in an enveloping medley of citrus and aquatic coconut notes as you daydream of coastal mornings under the sun's warmth.

Garden of Nefertiti: Experience a crisp morning walk through a Spring garden where you pick up the aroma of distinct blooming lavender, grassy vetiver, and sweet ylang ylang, subtly dancing with the Egyptian cotton, white woods, and musk.

Meet me in the Woods: Camping, fireside chats, and the scent and sound of crackling wood. Can't get away? Meet Me in the Woods brings you all things you love about camping into your home.

Eco-friendly information • Packaging: Plastic-free, Recyclable, and Zero waste • Product Materials: Nontoxic, Organic, Plastic-free, Reusable, and Vegan • Production: Ethically sourced and Sustainably sourced

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