Bathing Culture Heat Wave Body Oil


Crafted with Arnica and Avocado Oil, this oil blend will revitalize your skin's natural barrier and seal in moisture for a radiant, silky-smooth feel. Experience the Nude Beach scent, inspired by a special beach in Northern CA, and feel like you're lounging on the sand every day.

  • Arnica

    This healing herb is used to treat eczema, relieve pain, and soothe bug bites. Its gentle warming effect lets you know it’s working.

  • Avocado Oil

    Cold-pressed and rich with antioxidants that help fight off free radicals that can cause skin inflammation.

  • Ultra-light Plant Oil Blend

    Noncomedogenic Rice Bran, Sunflower, Fractionated Coconut, and Jojoba oils quickly absorb into the skin.

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