OX Coffee Philabundance 10oz Coffee


Philabundance was founded in 1984 by an idealist who saw perfectly good food going to waste, and, at the same time, saw people going hungry. What started out as a small food rescue organization operating out of a Subaru is now an innovative, impactful, collaborative organization, distributing tens of millions of pounds of food each year to those in need. 

OX Coffee couldn’t be more proud or humbled to partner with Philabundance to bring you this offering. 25% of the proceeds of this purchase will go directly to the tireless work that Philabundance puts in to help those facing hunger in Philadelphia. We must all do what we can to help one another and we sincerely thank you for your support. 


Dark Chocolate, Toffee, Orange Zest


Latin America, East Africa, Indonesia



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