6.2.24 Block Printing Workshop 1pm-3pm


Unleash your inner artist with this interactive block printing class taught by the fantastic Moth of Touch Threads! Come to Moon and Arrow and spend 3 hours having a blast designing and printing your own 4x4 stamp onto fabric. Learn about motifs, repeating patterns, and fabric printing methods, and leave with a custom stamp, printed tote bag, and cute fabric patches while discovering a new hobby!

Moth Snow is a Philadelphia based sustainable textile artist, founder of Touch Threads. They spend their days painting, block printing, teaching, and exploring the natural landscape around this watershed. Their work revolves around breaking free from the conventional waste cycle, breathing new life into forgotten fabrics, and fostering a profound connection between art and eco conscious textile practices. 

$120-3 hours 

Materials Provided. 

Work clothes / aprons encouraged. 

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