7.13.24 Hapazome Dyeing Workshop 6-7pm


Join Lucy Butler at the height of summer blossoms… the perfect time to explore the art of Hapazome, the Japanese technique of pounding flowers and leaves into fabric. This 1-hour hands-on workshop will teach you how to prepare cotton fiber for dyeing with natural dye, create a floral composition, and successfully smash plants into your fiber. You will leave with a beautiful, one-of-a-kind tote.

Age range: 12+

Do students need to bring something to class? optional: students can bring their favorite hammer. It also does get loud, so they may want to bring noise-canceling headphones

Bio: Lucy Butler is a designer, educator, artisan, and owner of Lacuna, an experimental natural dye studio. Lucy centers her practice and research on plant-based color and regenerative design for fashion and textiles. She grew up among the flowers of her family’s garden, designed dresses for a decade, and teaches fashion courses at Drexel University. She is also building the Philly Dye Co-op, a reciprocal network of dyers, farmers, designers, and business owners supporting a robust ecosystem for natural dyeing. Lucy is honored to share her knowledge with others through workshops that merge ritual, color, and craft. To shop and learn more about Lucy's services, please visit Lacuna Shop.

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