Emilie Shapiro Big Bloom Earrings



The Arcadia collection was inspired by the arrival of spring. As the ice thaws and reveals the first buds, it's time to awaken and revel in the change. A moment to bask in the warm sun with its caressing rays. Brass-embedded blue sapphires dangle from sterling silver ear wires. Growing up near the Atlantic Ocean, Emilie has always found water to be a constant source of inspiration. Coming from a lineage of creative entrepreneurs, inventors, and free spirits, she has been encouraged to explore diverse forms of art throughout her career. Emilie practices the ancient lost wax casting technique, originally used by the Egyptians, where she carves sculptural pieces into solid wax and casts them into metal. Her pieces feature rough gemstones as a tribute to the natural beauty of imperfection. Production and resources are locally sourced and each item is individually handcrafted in Emilie’s studio in New York City.

2” Length

Each piece will vary slightly due to the uniqueness of the stones. All metal is nickel free.

Material: brass, metal, semi-precious, precious, stone, gemstone, recycled.

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