Josef Albers: Homage to the Square



Featuring 2000 oil paintings, and studies on paper and archival materials, this seminal work of Josef Albers presents a comprehensive account of his iconic, proto-Minimalist series, Homage to the Square. Spanning 25 years, from 1950 until his death in 1976, Albers rigorously explored the potential of the square, transforming color into a material, and inspiring numerous Minimalist and Conceptualist artists. Complemented with essays from noted scholars, and an array of visual documents, this volume affords a privileged insight into Albers' aesthetic, the roots of his practice, and its seminal influence on 20th century visual culture. Josef Albers (1888-1976) was a major player in 20th century art education, with exhibitions at notable institutions such as the J.B. Neumann's New Art Circle, and teaching roles at Black Mountain College and Yale University.


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