Miarante Barra Necklace



Discover the stunning Scottish Island of Barra, lovingly nicknamed the “Garden of the Hebrides”. Each unique Miarante piece is carefully handcrafted in Chicago by our skilled production team, with expert casters and stone setters devoting their full attention to every stage of creation. With precious tourmaline stones and intricate diamonds personally selected by Jenni, you can trust that each piece is infused with her passion, care, and expertise. Inspired by the rugged mountains, forests, and tranquil lochs of the Trossachs, every design is named after a special place, mood, or piece of history. The stones capture the rich hues of green moss, pink heather, bracken, and fern, reflecting the ever-changing landscape of Scotland. Each one-of-a-kind stone echoes the uniqueness of every journey through this mystical land. Infused with graceful delicacy and untamed spirit, each Miarante creation is a testament to the unmatched beauty of Scotland. We pride ourselves


MATERIALS: 14K gold pendant, chain & clasp / Bi-Color Tourmaline / One of A Kind

Adjustable length 16-18"


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