P.F. Candle Co. Alchemy Soy Candle


A collection of candles and incense cones featuring science-backed blends meant to mimic the healing qualities of nature and boost your mood.

Bergamont Shiso - A vitality blend designed to stimulate uplifting energy, with notes of pink pepper, mandarin, cypress, and cardamom and inspired by the vitality of fruiting citrus trees, formulated with upcycled mandarin and cardamom.

Geranium Moss -  Connection blend to soak up the present moment with soft sage, ginger root, lavender, and patchouli notes. I was inspired by overgrown wildflowers rooted in fresh earth, formulated with upcycled cedarwood and sustainable patchouli, and meant for mindful journaling, bookending a productive day, and moments of reflection.

Enoki Cedar - A grounding blend to activate deep relaxation, with notes of rich earth, petitgrain, sandalwood, and rosemary. Inspired by regenerative walks through verdant woods, formulated with upcycled patchouli and a proprietary fragrance technology inspired by nature’s positive effect on mood and wellbeing.

Myrtle Mint - A clarity blend to promote focus, with notes of blue eucalyptus, marram grass, sea salt, and dew. Inspired by the lucidity of an herb garden breeze, formulated with upcycled lemon and eucalyptus.

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