West~Bourne 100% Pure Avocado Oil


Revolutionize your cooking with West~Bourne's 100% Pure Avocado Oil. Not only is it zero-waste and carbon neutral, but it's also sustainably made from avocados grown and pressed at the source in Mexico. With a delicious taste and a commitment to a more sustainable kitchen, this oil is a must-have for conscious consumers.


zero~waste and carbon neutral, our Organic Extra Virgin Avocado Oil is a traditional finishing oil alternative that supports a diverse agricultural ecosystem for a more sustainable kitchen. Grown and pressed at the source of an organic orchard in Mexico with avocados harvested between January 31 and February 10, ripened for ~3 days, and pressed fresh on February 15. 

What we eat is a significant contributor to climate change. The good news is that we can do something about it. west~bourne creates plant-based, climate-positive provisions that harness the supernatural power of vegetables so we can eat well and do even better. Every action we take - from seed to oil, ingredients to packaging - is obsessively in service of making the most minimal footprint possible. And while this bottle of Avocado Oil alone is not the answer, we see it as a step forward in our ongoing quest to nourish us and protect our planet. Welcome to our collective work in progress to impact not imprint.

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