Yahae Organic 100% Cotton Ribbed Socks


These ORGANIC COTTON 100% RIBBED SOCKS are made of only cotton, with no backing yarn like nylon. The socks are knitted with fine 3 x 1 rib-knits to ensure a good fit, and will not slip down without feeling uncomfortably tight. There is no backing thread, so they are gentle and comfortable to wear.

Indigo dyeing is a natural technique that has been used in Japan for a long time for field clothes and hand towels. It is a naturally occurring dyeing process that has deodorizing, insecticidal, and antibacterial effects. Yahae uses indigo-dyed yarn dyed with the traditional technique called natural fermentation construction.


25.5-27 cm EU 41-44 USW 8.5-10 USM 7.5-9 

Made of 100% organic cotton.


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