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Step into the enchanting world of ALICEANNA, where every garment tells a story of creativity, sustainability, and whimsy. Crafted with care from dead-stock and locally sourced fabrics, each piece embodies the brand's commitment to ethical fashion and timeless style. From the fusion of grandmothers' names to the delectable inspiration drawn from desserts, ALICEANNA's designs are a celebration of life's sweet moments.

We're thrilled to announce that ALICEANNA will be popping up at Moon and Arrow on June 8th, inviting you to experience their magical creations firsthand. Mark your calendars for a day of discovery and delight as you explore the unique offerings of this remarkable brand. Join us as we journey into the world of ALICEANNA, where fashion meets sustainability with a touch of whimsy.

Q: Tell us a little bit about your brand. How did you get started making clothing?

The name ALICEANNA is a marrying of my grandmothers’ names. I describe my garments as ‘dessert you can wear’. They have just the right amount of delightful excess while still being extremely functional and comfortable. They evoke joy and ease.

I graduated with a degree in Fashion Design and had no idea what to do after. I bounced from coast to coast, waiting tables and making garments for friends as a hobby. That turned into a part time side hustle, which turned into my career. It was not at all easy and it took many years, but now I’m happily designing and making clothes full time and it’s a dream come true. 

Q: Tell us about how sustainability factors are not only in your clothing but also in your life. 

I primarily source dead stock fabric, most of which is sourced in Philadelphia. It’s usually repurposed designer ends or overproduction that would have most likely eventually ended up in a landfill. I steer clear of any design that would be labeled ‘trendy’. My garments are meant to be worn for years, hopefully decades. I also operate my site as made-to-order, to eliminate overproduction. 

As far as me personally, I’m big into thrifting and buying second hand, for both my closet and for home wares. I also take laundering seriously; I wash clothes with zero waste detergent sheets, always in cold water, with garments in individual laundry bags and I rarely use the dryer. I have garments from my teen years that are still in excellent condition. For my daughter, everything is second hand, and I pass her clothes and belongings down when she grows out of them. Other than that it’s small lifestyle changes that I’ve incorporated over time. Reusable metal straws, bento boxes for school lunches, and the like.

Q: What do you listen to while you work?Where do you draw inspiration from? 

I listen to a lot of podcasts. My current favorites are Giggly Squad and Otherworld. Vastly different content, but equally entertaining in my opinion.

I draw inspiration from decadent and delicious treats, pastries and desserts. Food is always an inspiration. I also draw inspiration from certain films where the costumes play as much of a main character as the actors. Picnic at Hanging Rock is the ultimate one for me.

Q: Besides designing and creating clothing, what could we find you enjoying on a Saturday evening? Tell us about YOU! 

My fiancé and I are food people. A usual Saturday evening consists of us going to one of our favorite spots in Baltimore for a great meal and a martini. Dylan’s, Marta, La Cuchara, Birroteca, and Petit Louis are some favorites. We also have a lovely and spacious front porch, so in the warm weather months I’m usually inviting my pals over for a hang and a good chat. I really enjoy making grazing boards for my friends to snack on, it’s one of my love languages.

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