June's Visiting Artist: Brokin Bowl

Ruth Ribeiro, the maker behind Brokin Bowl, is a Brazilian-Dutch-American ceramicist, who has made Philly home over the past 10 years.  
“I’ve always been interested in the concept of home. The crafting of domestic spaces and how we curate and experience them fascinates me. Having grown up in a Dutch home with gezellig (a concept of delicious cosiness in Dutch culture), and wrapped in Brazilian rhythms and samba energy, I continue to seek a sense of belonging and feelings of home.  Working in clay I explore  these two traditions, as well as inspirations from historical ceramic precedents, such as Delft Blue, French 19th century tea cups, and Iron Age vessels. As I observe the organic flow of every day life and nature, I create functional objects.  These porcelain hand-built  works invite others to find beauty in their home and define their own contemporary heirlooms.”

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