Fall Equinox Astro Chart Readings: 8th House Astrology

This Fall Equinox, 8th House Astrology is coming to Moon + Arrow! We sat down with Alison Ormsby to learn about her and her love for the planets. Join us Friday, September 24th from 2-7:30p as Alison reads your birth charts.

Q: Can you tell us about your background? 

First and foremost, I am in love with people! My love for hearing about others’ experiences and connecting with people has guided my work the most. I’m also someone who is led by my obsessions. I’m obsessed with people, fabrics, books, etc. I let my obsessions carve my path and so far that method has landed me working as an actor, astrologer, artistic collaborator and educator. I find all of these branches merge well together because they all have understanding people at their core! I’m interested in the intersection of storytelling and psychology, and weaving individual personal narratives to amplify universal experiences. 


Q: When and how did you start working with Astrology? 

While working towards my BFA in Acting, my astrology awareness bloomed and I became entranced fairly quickly. It began with a few friends asking if I knew my chart and me learning a bit from them about the magic of planets and stars. While trying to find an accurate birth time (which took 4 years!!) I studied my personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars) a ton. I then studied the planetary placements of my closest people. I particularly enjoyed learning my mom’s chart because it gave me empathy and a better understanding of our similarities and differences, which overall lended me greater tolerance in other relationships. I began to see how Astrology could be used as a method of tolerance and compassion, because by learning the ones we love, we can then better understand their specific ‘love language’ so to speak. 

After a while of studying on my own and giving readings to friends, I started having dreams where people I didn’t know would come up to me and tell me their actual sun sign. Most notably, Will Ferrell approached me in a dream and said, “I’m a Cancer!” which I promptly Googled the next morning, and there it was---July 16th! Perhaps this knowledge had somehow landed in my subconscious without me knowing, but it felt pretty magical and inexplicable! I took these spooky dreams as messages to deepen my studies, which led me to working in a mentorship with Dena DeCastro and opening my own practice. 

Q: What is your favorite part of reading?

I love when people can relate what I’m saying about their chart to a very specific and personal experience--that’s fairly common in transit readings when we discuss the ‘timing’ and context of their chart with today’s sky--but I learn so much from their experiences and feel lucky to be in such an intimate sharing space. Or when clients feel seen by astrology’s vocabulary in a way they hadn’t put into words before, I can relate to that experience and it feels very validating.

Q: What is your favorite planet and why?

I love this :)

I’m a sucker for Pluto honestly. Pluto is the truth teller--it brings up anything & everything taboo and asks us to directly confront it. Pluto often brings the more in-depth and transformative events to the forefront in order for us to work with and grow with our personal power. 

Q: What is next for you? Any dates, news, events? 

As acting gigs are on a relative pause due to the State of the World, my main focus has been growing my one-on-one client work over at @8th_houseastro. I’m the new resident Astrologer at Ritual Shoppe which is really exciting and I feel lucky to be a part of their vibrant community! Later this fall, I’m headed on a long road trip to California with my partner! Strange and scary. I plan on enrolling in more education to deepen my practices, and when it’s possible to host more in person events, I’d love to do some community gathering on a regular basis. 



I thoroughly enjoyed reading this insightful blog post about fall equinox astro chart readings and their connection to the 8th house in astrology. The way you explain the intricate details of astrological interpretations is both engaging and informative. I look forward to more of your astrology insights. Thank you for sharing your knowledge!

astrologersantharam December 02, 2023

Wow! Your post has completely blown me away with the valuable perspectives you’ve provided on FALL EQUINOX ASTRO CHART READINGS: 8TH HOUSE ASTROLOGY I’m now fully engaged and inspired to delve deeper into the subject matter. The dedication and thoroughness you’ve displayed in crafting this article are truly commendable. Many thanks for generously sharing your wisdom and expertise!

astrobestpandit December 02, 2023

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